Welcome to TLWrites!

My name’s Tapobrata (people just call me T.L.) and I offer my services as a freelance writer on this site. If you’re looking for someone who’s a native English speaker, respects your deadlines, is transparent and up-front in his work ethic, and just loves writing, I might be your person.

What I Can Do For You

My day job as a professional musician/artist and podcaster has had me write professional copy, newsletters, press releases, reviews, blog posts, and episode notes for over a decade now.  

I grew up on three continents and four countries, speak five languages, and would like to believe have the privilege of a truly global and compassionate lens.  

And since we’re bragging here, you might also be interested to know that I can roll my tongue and wiggle my ears.

My areas of specialization are:  
* Podcast notes.
* Artist Bio’s Editing long-form documents into a more concise and engaging format.

* Striking a balance between ‘professional’ and ‘provocative’.

* Writing newsletters people look forward to and enjoy reading. *

* Technical writing.